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Skysol Pleated blinds

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Sky Venetian

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SKYSHADOW is a simple yet versatile shading solution, suitable for all types of boat window. Easy to use, quick to deploy and made to measure, the SKYSHADOW is able to accommodate even the trickiest of window shapes, sizes and curves.

Applied to the inside of a window though unique suction caps, the SKYSHADOW has that added advantage of being free from conventional shading fixtures and fittings.

Comprising of four layers, The SKYSHADOW has an inner and outer reflective layer designed to reflect sunlight, reduce condensation and protect the cabin interior from UV damage, an air pocketed insulating layer and for a personal touch, a choice of durable interior facing fabrics which are wipe clean for convenience.

With folding lines stitched into the product for ease of storage, the SKYSHADOW is both a practical and highly effective shading solution.




Lutron’s quiet electronic drive systems are the most sophisticated blind drive available, providing ultra-quiet, precision control, with smooth uniform movement and superior performance.

Oceanair is one of only a few blind manufacturers in the world who are able to incorporate the Lutron QED into an entire range of blinds without the need for extra wiring or electrical interfaces, ensuring effortless
integration and installation.

One of the biggest challenges facing boatbuilders is the harsh marine environment. When creating a luxury craft with a comfortable, low-maintenance, living area, that includes all the necessities of modern life without compromising on space, builders and designers constantly seek to overcome the following obstacles:

  • Extreme climatic conditions – from arctic to tropical
  • UV exposure
  • Light
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Limited installation access
  • Privacy
  • Diverse window shapes
  • Heeling and motion
  • Insect control

All Oceanair products are marinised, with thorough testing of the fabrics and components, ensuring that they withstand the harsh marine environment. Oceanair identify the challenges which boatbuilders face, and constantly seek to provide practical, straight-forward solutions.

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