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The London Underground is in fashion

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The recent fabrics  created by Kirkby Design include the distinctive look of the London Underground to celebrate the 150th Anniversary and were collaborated with Transport for London. A  truly iconic pattern which gave me a pang of nostalgia ,  made in rich velvet and a variety of colour´s true to the original´s.

Blend the high quality weaves with existing furniture and have a piece of British History at home , upholster a chair to bring memories into your comfort zone or use at the office , and include style with our British  Heritage.



Frank Pick

As head of the London Underground in the 1910s and 1920s and of the newly merged London Transport in the 1930s, FRANK PICK (1878-1941) was instrumental in establishing the world’s most progressive public transport system and an exemplar of design management.

From the red, white and blue roundel that has symbolised the London Underground since…

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Latest fabrics

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Joining the latest in fabric fashion and becoming the  new “it” creature of the year is the butterfly! Butterflies are not particularly new to the fabric or fashion scene, we have always seen them gracing prints in a whimsical way, but for autumn/ winter 2013 they will be creating  a surreal style as motifs in kaleidoscopic patterns, translucent overlaid wings and saturated colours,  use the butterfly as an icon of the pure elements. Incorporate into your existing interior design and bring a splash of fashion as an accent addition.

50 Shades of Fabric

Walking with grace into the cool lounge of her friend’s new and stylish home, throwing a glance at the art work arranged carefully around the walls  her eye’s were drawn immediately to the sofa, lying there seductively and casually, beckoning as if waiting to be joined on the plush cushions were more ……plush cushions
Blowing in the breeze gently and flowing softly, they billowed inwards towards the bed , the fabric with its fluid transparency was available in many colours……
Shining in the glistening heat, strong and perfectly formed they were fitted along the walls taking the full weight of the damask curtains without effort…..
Safely they held the natural folds of the curtains back, away from the edge of the patio doors , even with their weight they
felt secure in the strong hold of the tie backs……..
It was dark in the room , you could barely see any form or fixture, even in the morning hours of the dawning day the sun could not penetrate the closed curtains lined with the foscorit…….
There was an element of fun and playfulness on the sofa outside on the terrace  although smart in appearance and most inviting there was something  definitely “Nauti” about it !!
Silently and easily they opened and closed by remote, as if told quietly like a whispered command, the Lutron blind’s revealed a breathtaking view…….