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Introduction to Slow Living

Slow Living Interior Design

Apart from the obvious problems of the past 2 years , and without making light of any hardships that you personally may have had or observed on the MSM as the World as a collective endured, on another level how many of us have taken the opportunity w ewere presented with to reconnect with ourselves or needed to relate on a basic level with our environment and have found ways to create a feeling of comfort, security, belonging and desire in the midst of what appeared to be the opposite of all of these experiences we have had.
I did, at first the general feeling of confusion was soon overtaken with a primitive emotion of self preservation , followed by a feeling of abandonment into the madness of it all and a mastery of bliss took over, inner peace and lack of urgency to continue with the outside World as…

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Rugs and Carpets

All rugs are available is various widths, up to 400 cms and with a choice of edging,  details on request.


City Line




Outdoor carpet



Mediterranean Menorca Ivory

Menorca Sand

Mediterranean Menorca Sand






Conga Abaca Brown


Conga Abaca Ivory

Espadrille Natural












Aspen Leather




Aspen Coffee , leather rugs



Sisel Ivory



Sisel Sand


Twist Natural





Classic Quality Bedding

High quality Egyptian Cotton in a beautiful range of sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover sets, classic and timeless. Beautifully luxurious, and superbly smooth, soft, and long lasting.


Apple Tree Tasha White

Apple Tree Tasha Silver


Balmoral Ruched White

Balmoral Ruched Silver




Cleopatra Gold


Cleopatra Silver



Harvard Grey


Harvard Navy



Hotel Stripe Ivory


Hotel Stripe White




Canterbury Blush


Glamour Styling

A touch of Glamour for the bedroom with duvet covers.

Prices on request.

Tiffany Silver

Tiffany Gold

Stardust Ombre


Sandringham Ivory

Shimmer Silver

Shimmer White


Murray Stone



Lattice Velvet

Kylie Minogue Silver

Krista Rose Gold

Krista White

Sequin Cluster

Balmoral Oyster

Balmoral Cream


A cosy blanket will provide supplementary warmth and comfort. Use them to snuggle up on the sofa or in the bedroom for added luxury.

Prices on request




Rabbit Vino


Rabbit Coral


Rabbit Mint



Rabbit Clay


Seda Azul

Seda Marengo


Seda Orchid

Seda Mustard